Nurgle's Gurglers

Race:  Nurgle
Coach:  Kris G

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July 1st, 2017 - old news
Nurglers Outperform Low Expectations!
In a stunning upset over the heavily favored Failcons, Nurgle's Gurglers won this post-season match 2-0. The Gurglers hit hard out of the gate, with Text Nisticks and AP Dejeuner sending two Failcons to the Casualty box. Feb Amburger scored the first touchdown after playing catch with team favorite Turd Ferguson. The Failcons pushed the ball hard down the field on their subsequent return, with only a few rough rolls tripping them up. The Gurglers seized possession, and Amburger scored again after Blot Clotter cleared the road. The second half saw the Gurglers again seize control after a fast-moving drive by the Failcons was ended by a fumble. The remaining turns saw three additional casualties by Turd Ferguson and Belial Grimoire, the big idiot's first substantial contribution all season. Fortunately, the Failcons players were only badly injured, and will be able to return next season.
- Kris G
May 15th, 2017 - old news
Victorious... just.
After a bruising pre-season, the Gurglers took on the very capable Meanskinz, emerging victorious with two touchdowns and sending four opponents off the field with casualties. However, this came only after relinquishing a touchdown to a four-orc squad, embarrassing their loving God, and taking a career-halting -1 AV injury to player Sorg Morgen. They also failed to be ejected even once from the pitch, leaving some to wonder how dedicated they were to cheating, hrm, winning this high-stakes match.
- Kris G
Tournaments played:
BBBL Season 1, Spike Cup I
Trophies won:
Best of the Worst: BBBL Season 1, Spike Cup I
The Originals: BBBL Season 1



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