The Krush

Race:  Chaos
Coach:  Jed H.
The Krush were created by a minor sect of the Chaos god Khorne to inflict as much pain and destruction as possible. They seek to creates Chaos, inflict pain, break bones, maim, and kill. Scoring is the last thing they care about and they will only do it as a means to inflict more pain.

The Krush team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Jan. 9th, 2018 - old news
Krush and Wrap Smash
The Krush took on Itís A Wrap in a day that saw several players collapse from heat exhaustion due to the intense heat cause by an overactive Deamon of Tzeentch who was watching the game and expelled heated gases onto the pitch. Every drive saw multiple players from each side dropping like a fly. How do undead suffer from heat exhaustion you ask? Magic? Despite the heat there was a large crowd cheering on both teams!

The game itself was also very devastating with both teams knocking players into the KO box and the casualty box. Vermian Paininfliktors newly mutated claw arm opened up a Tomb Guardian like a busted ravioli and sent him to the casualty box. The one score saw Heggs Borshom scamper down the sidelines when each team was only able to field 8 players due to the heat!

This win momentarily put The Krush at the top of the league, but with other top teams still needing to play games this lead surely wonít last but it will help the team stay in the top six as the league winds down.
- Jed H.
Dec. 5th, 2017 - old news
Krush Smash
In what had all the appearances of being a bruising match up the Krush ended up soundly beating the Failcons.

On the first play from scrimmage The Krush managed to get behind the Failcons line, knock the ball loose and score. From there forward the Chaos Gods favored The Krush and hated on the Failcons. One drive saw 5 members of the Failcons knocked out for the drive or taken out for the game.

The Failcons ended up ignoring the ball and only trying to lay some pain on The Krush. And lay some pain they did, knocking out two players for the match. In retaliation The Krush were able to knock out the Beast of Nurgle for a drive.

Goregutz Grindle was able to scurry behind the line and pick up the ball for three scores! Garrahick Hack was knocked out so hard he will miss the next game.
- Jed H.
Nov. 5th, 2017 - old news
Krush tie the Clawpack in Slugfest
Though no actual slugs were on the field ( a contingent of slug people from Slugsylvania were in the stands) The Krush and Mors Clawpack slugged it out in classic Blood Bowl fashion.

The first half saw the Clawpack receiving the ball and after a few turns of probing the Krush's line they found a hole when they knocked a beastman into the injured reserve! The rest of this half saw the speedy Clawpack staying a step ahead of The Krush to run out the clock and score at the last minute.

In an entertaining move star player for the Krush Max Spleenripper accidentally severed his own foot when his chainsaw kicked back on him. The crowd loved it and Spleenripper was quoted saying "Any day I take someone out of the game is a good day."

After receiving the kick off in the second half The Krush proceeded to lay the smack down on The Clawpack. They put four players in the KO box and put one player in injured reserve. The Krush handled the Clawpack easily and slowly moved the ball down the field and scored in the last minute to end the game at a 1-1 tie.

The Krush's beastman Gugga Bugtwat received a smashed collarbone and was promptly cut from the team. The Krush's apothecary salvaged some parts from him before the remainder was sent to a glue factory.
- Jed H.
Oct. 25th, 2017 - old news
New Krush Coach Pulls Out Win
The Krush manage another win against a team of orks bringing their record to 2-2. Management think that they should play more orks.

It was a slug fest in the first half with The Krush managing to keep the Meanskinz out of the endzone. The second half saw three Krush team members knocked into the dug out but still managing to score.

When asked his opinion of the game the coach said he was disappointed they did not injure any orks. He did not seem to care that they won and in fact was overheard saying he was going to flog the player who scored because he wasted time not hitting someone.
- Jed H.
Tournaments played:
BBBL Season 2, Spike Cup II
Trophies won:
Best of the Worst: BBBL Season 2
Rookie of the Year: BBBL Season 2



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