Muddy Reivers

Race:  Orc
Coach:  Joel M
co-coach:  Michael S

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Sep. 19th, 2017 - old news
Reivers Drop Opener, Heads Will Roll
Well there's no two ways about it, Jack, that was a real stinker for the Reivers. Giving up the ghost on an intercepted pass? By a Mummy? I think our good old pirate crew has been spending a little too much time making port calls (wink wink nudge nudge if you know what I mean) instead of practicing.

Even Papa J was off his game with a dropped pass to only two completions. For some reason one of the sharky blitzers decided to take a shot at being a big time throwa as well, actually getting off a successful pass to his fellow blitzer. Of course it went pear shaped from there as a daring attempt to hit an open lineman with a lane to the backfield was met by an improbably interception. Their git of a troll couldn't even be bothered to stand back up after knocking himself down to start the second half.

No time for licking wounds as the next game is just around the corner. The fellas will be pouring out a flagon for the dearly departed...uh...well, we've already forgotten his name. #sad. #shouldadonehisjob. Onto next week.
- Joel M
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