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May 31st, 2017
Staff and Healthcare
Welcome Doctor Buscemi. Coach Quentin isn't really sure if the doctor knows what he's doing, but the players have been crying about getting single-player healthcare. So there you have it. Doctor Buscemi arrived prepared at the facility with his saw and bandages so we'll see what happens.

Next up is Assistant Coach Harvey and Cheerleading Captain Uma... We'll see if their 10k cost pays dividends during the coming weeks.
- Carlos L
May 16th, 2017
Gotta Tuffen Up
"A win is a win", says Coach Quentin... "But we have to toughen up. Nice Guy Eddie and his crew of Saurus' failed to deliver a single casualty last game and that's just unacceptable."

Everyone at the warehouse has been seen hitting the pads hard. It's been a grueling training week, but Coach Quentin said they will continue drills until they are ready to lay waste to the opposition.

Coach was also vocal about some of the team's leaders "Mr.Pink is all fluff, he's been walking around the locker room like he's special after getting his +st upgrade, and nothing."

One positive to come out of this week's practice was Senor Red, who accidentally got mixed up with the saurus' high-impact drills, rolled a double and pick-up Block. At least someone will be doing his job next week when they face the steampunks.
- Carlos L
May 6th, 2017
School of Hard Knocks
The boyz just finished training camp and things went pretty smooth. Team is healthy and ready to hit the pitch next week.

After experimenting with some illegal substances during the off season, Mr. Pink gained +1str. Bribes have already been put in place to prevent any player testing by the officials.

Nice Guy Eddie, also leveled up with Break Tackle after numerous foot drills were put in place by our brilliant coaching stuff.

The work is done, and we're ready to hit the field.
- Carlos L
Reservoir Crocs
Race:  Lizardmen
Coach:  Carlos L

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