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Mar. 3rd, 2018
Spike Cup II Finals are set
The dust has barely settled and it's time for the final game. The Reservoir Crocs advance after a very tense game against the Troubadours to face Mors' Clawpack, who made one of the most feared teams in the league, lowered expectations, tap out early in an attempt to save some players. We got a good glimpse of what's to come between the crocs and clawpack in the last game of the season, so buckle-up, it's going to be a blood(bowl) bath.
- Carlos L
Feb. 19th, 2018
Spike cup II: semifinals
Semi-finals are set. #5 ranked claw pack visit #1 seed lowered expectations and #3 seed Troubadours at #2 seed the Reservoir Crocs
- Carlos L
Feb. 8th, 2018
Season 2 is over, so it's time for the invitational Spike Cup II.

#1 seed Lowered expectations, and #2 seed Reservoir Crocs get the bye.

#3 Seagrave Troubadours get #6 The Meanskinz and #4 The Krush, get #3 Mors' Clawpack.

Remember, there can only be one!... Single Elimination matches, No Ties.. play continues into overtime until someone scores or everyone's dead and you can't field the minimum 3 players per kickoff. Goodluck Everyone.
- Carlos L
Feb. 7th, 2018
Season 2 Champion and Awards
Season 2 has come to an end and as the dust settles here are all the final results. Congrats to Lowered Expectations on capturing 1st place. Followed by the Reservoir Crocs in 2nd and Seagrave Troubadours in 3rd. It was an insane season of highs and lows so here's a quick summary of all the team trophies and player awards.

The Top Offense award goes to the Seagrave Troubadours (18TDs). The Crocs were a close second 17, despite having a better TDfor to TDagainst, the troubadours take it. Next up, was the Defense of the year. Again another close race with Lower Expectations taking it with only 5TDs allowed and the Crocs second with just 6TDs allowed. Close again for the crocs but no cigar haha... They would however have their day in the next category, casualties. The crocs Recorded 19 casualties (5 of which were kills), noone was close to that number with the meanskinz coming in second with 13.

For the next set of awards, the choices were also easy.. We had 3 new coaches this season, but none rose higher than the Krush.. Taking a 1000TV team against seasoned veterans and finishing the league in 4th place. Well done.

The other huge improvement came from the Meanskinz.. who turned their 0-9 season around to a winning 4-2-3 record and a wild card stop in the spike cup. Looking forward to see how well they will do in season 3.

For individual Player awards, Mr. Gerty Macpherson dominated the MPV / SPP award and Most TDs, He scored 10 TDs, 4 more than Clawpack's Gutter Runner's 6 TDs. Papa Jambo of the Reivers had himself the most completion award set at 9 total, again a member of the clawpack was right there, coming in second at 5 completions. The clawpack wouldn't be denied a trophy after such a successful season though and took down the most violent player award. Lurch, their Rat Ogre scored 6 Casualties, followed closely by Mr.Pink of the Crocs at 5. The Saurus Hooligans of the Reservoir Crocs did get on the board with the most Deadly award going to Mr. Brown, who scored 2 Kills in a single season. Last but not least, one of the hardest award to win, goes to BigDude4.. a Mummy from it's a wrap who had the season's sole Interception.. good work my friend...

All in all, very fun season, 45 games were played, 106TDs scored, 96Casualties that lead to 15 Deaths.. plus many others that were fired or too broken to continue. Congrats everyone, check for all your added SPP on players and treasury on teams, and let's do it all over again in season 3.
- Carlos L
Oct. 20th, 2017
Mid-Season Race
Great games played in week 3.. After the Crocs lost to Lower expectations in week 2, the Dwarven team was in clear control of the league, especially given their impressive track record winning the inaugural Spike Cup and taken 2nd place last season. But then the troubadours did what they do best - score, and score they did, outpacing Lowered expectations in a 3-2 shootout.

Now 4 teams share first place at 2-1 : Mor's Clawpack, Seagrave Troubadours, Lowered Expectations and the Reservoir Crocs... Week 4 is here, it's yours to take it!!
- Carlos L
Aug. 31st, 2017
Season 2 TNF kickoff
Season 2 kicks off today for Thursday Night Football, between the Veterans Troubadours and BBBL newcomers It's a wrap. Schedule is updated for week 1 with more to follow. All team and player awards have been given out.

The crocs got 80k for winning and 20k for best offense, Lowered expectations got 50k for second place, Mirkwood Got 30k for 3rd place and 20k for their Defense, lastly The Meanskins score 20k for the deadliest teams.

For the individual SPP awards, Turd, Celebran, break free, sunbeam, einstein, sort, beyonslay, eddie, grod, dan hale, mr brown, seņor black, harass, slayride, and maurice all received 5spp. Some of those players are dead of have retired, but we still wanted to honor their awesomeness
- Carlos L
Aug. 14th, 2017
Season 1 Champions
The Reservoir Crocs are our Season 1 Champions after a hard fought battle with the Lowered Expectations.

All the players are getting their rest as they prepared for the season 2 kickoff.

In the next couple of days, all rosters will be updated. Teams that won trophies will get awared their treasury prizes and individual players their SPP.

Any MNGs will be cleared, so please get your team signed up for season 2 and updated. If you choose to draft a new team or want to re-roll a different race, please email me at: admin@bostonbloodbowl.com
- Carlos L
July 28th, 2017
Season 1 Blood Bowl Finals
After a grueling and punishing semi-finals round our teams are set. What's left of Lowered Expactations will Face the Reservoir Crocs for Season 1 BBBL champion.

And the crippled Mirkwood Marauders will take on the Nurgle's Gurglers with the 7 players they have left on the roster (big guy not included... treeman's been reduced to a stump)
- Carlos L
July 11th, 2017
The semis are set.

Crocs vs Marauders
Lowered Expectations vs Gurglers

here we go!
- Carlos L
June 26th, 2017
Quarter Finals
It's time for the Quarter Finals, The 4 division winning teams have rested all their players and are ready for battle:

Crocs vs Clawpack
Marauders vs Helm Smashaz
Failcons vs Gurglers
Troubadours vs Lowered Expectations
- Carlos L
June 26th, 2017
Playoffs are set
First round of Wildcard games for the BBBL season 1 are:
Clawpack vs Moonshiners
Wild Pats vs Helm Smashaz
Steampunks vs Gurglers
Statesmen vs Lowered Expectations
- Carlos L
May 16th, 2017
Team Photos
We've added a new Team Gallery page to the site to show case everyone's painted teams. Go have a look and remember to keep an eye out for you favorites so you can nominate a mini for the "Best Dressed" end of season award.
- Carlos L
May 10th, 2017
Schedule Listed
Season 1 is nearly underway. 16 teams are locked in and the schedule has been drafted. Head-on over to the BBBL Season 1 page to see your opponents.

Top team will get a first round bye in the playoffs. 2nd and 3rd place teams advance to the wildcard round
- Carlos L
May 1st, 2017
Spike Cup I Recap
Congratulations to the dwarves of Lowered Expectations on taking down the Spike Cup I in dramatic fashion. A clutch touchdown with 2 go-for-it before the first half ended, and a well timed second half turnover, pushed Lowered Expectations to their first Tournament Win.

Nice Guy Eddie was the shinning star for the Reservoir Crocs with his 5 casualties in only two games. But that only took them as far as a 2nd place finish.

On the other side of the bracket we got some Nurgle on Nurgle crime. The Altdorf Failcons, picked up a win over the Fouling Gurglers, who saw 4 players be ejected due to their dirty antics... Even their Head Coach mini couldn't argue his way out of all those calls.

All in all, amazing time, and now it's ready to train-up your players so they can buckle up for Season 1
- Carlos L
Apr. 18th, 2017
Preseason Event
League Meet-up saturday to go over any rules, questions and plans for the league prior to the May 13th Kickoff..

We'll play 2 or 3 turns of a beta match, for everyone to get the feel for the mechanics of the game. Afterwards, all the coaches will present their teams and we'll do a single round elimination tournament.

The winner will walk off with the Spike Cup Trophy and Bragging rights.

At the end of each Game, the teams will not roll to generate winnings, however, they will still roll for fan factor.

As a reward for participating in the event, teams will get to keep their SPP and Player Stats. Any injuries/Deaths will carry for each round of the Tournament, but will be waived prior to Season 1, as all the players will have time to heal before the season starts.
- Carlos L
Apr. 16th, 2017
1st Season Registration Open
Email me your team name and Race, so you can be added to the first season of the Boston Blood Bowl League. Registration now open. First League Match is on May 13th, 2017
- Carlos L
Apr. 13th, 2017
The new website is set. I'll be sending out coach invites so you can start building your season 1 teams and adding your roster to the inaugural tournament
- Carlos

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