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sELF Preservation

gate: 21 000
3 TD score 2
cas score
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WarpStone Vermin


Ninlen Torwenys
Haemir Vayarus
TD Scorers
Foulers (no cas)

Ninlen Torwenys
Badly Hurt'ers
Serious Injurers

Ardryll Llynn
Traeliorn Glynnelis
Completions By
Interceptions By

Ardryll Llynn
MVP awards to
  Sustained Injuries  
Result added July 22nd, 2018

Match notes
Weather came in sweltering until the cold gusty front came in at kick off. That didn't stop the elves who love to sun bathe who came out in droves with more than double the fans than those of their ratmen opponents. The elves brought everything into play. The cheerleading netted them extra spirit twice, the coaching was brilliant and the weather seemed to be on the elves side turning to stormy rain right before the ratmen took their second possession.

Both teams wriggled free from any major scrum and proceeded to see who could score more. The beer maiden serving the rats pondered why she was even there...

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