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Cheese Splatters

gate: 20 000
2 TD score 3
cas score
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sELF Preservation


Brie U Lata Esq
Gouda Vibrations
TD Scorers
Silent Blossum
Jhanandra Torwenys dead
Morthil Beihorn dead
Foulers (no cas)

Monterey Jacked
Badly Hurt'ers
Serious Injurers

Briesy Squeezy
Completions By
Ardryll Llynn
Ardryll Llynn
Ardryll Llynn

Havarti Harder dead
Interceptions By

Ricutta Birch dead
MVP awards to
  Sustained Injuries  
Result added April 16th, 2018

Match notes
sELF Preservation vs Cheese Splaters 3-2 Played deep underground at the Skaven Stadium(no kooky weather results rolled). The Skaven fans had the larger crowd(+1 fame) and the Elves won the toss electing to kick.

The ball was thrown, flicked, carried, bounced, and thrown by fans all over the field. The game got serious when elves and skaven began causing casualties(both teams loosing payers to KOs or injury, and the elves apothecary saved a catcher from a crippling injury(-1AG to a badly hurt, phew!). Skaven Gutter runners scurried this way and that, the Elven Wardancers leaped about it was an odd dance. The Skaven Journeymen even surprised the Splatters head coach with a key interception off the Elf Throwers!

The play was fast and furious across both lengths of the pitch with multiple turn overs causing the drive to take an about face! There was even a long Blitz by a Gutter Runner at a ball carrier deep in the elves backfield( Attacker down...reroll!...Attacker down).

The bane of the Elves "1" and the gutteral squeeking of "Damn!" was heard a plenty this match. The final moments of the game had both teams scrambling in a big scrum to score to tie or get just one more td. After many "dicey" plays the game ended with no more TDs scored.

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2nd Place

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