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Quinzy Skramblerz

gate: 22 000
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It's a wrap


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Skratchez dead
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Result added April 14th, 2018

Match notes
A large crowd of 22,000 showed up for this week three matchup between the scrappy Quinzy Skramblerz and It's a Wrap! Most of the fans were decked out in their traditional toilet paper garb to cheer on the crowd favorite Khemri team with hopes of seeing the Skramblerz fans leave crying for their mummies!

Both teams forgot to bring a game ball, so the refs picked up some of the cast off wrappings from the Khemri team to make a suitable replacement.

It's a Wrap started with possession and 'quickly' made a formidable cage as the marched down most of the field. A touchdown was imminent until a lucky Skaven block freed the ball near the sidelines. Both teams positioned to gain posession, but a gutter runner managed to make multiple dodges to retrieve the ball before handing it off for another run and pass. In just a short time, the Skaven had the ball at the other end of the field and with no mobility, It's a Wrap was left to just watch as Slink scored the first touchdown of the game.

The Skramblerz managed to slow the Khimri's second possession to end the half 1-0.

The second half proved to be as exciting as the first, with the Skramblerz making a touchdown early on with a touchdown pass to Dashez. The fans rioted, having expected to see It's a Warp dominate the field, thus losing precious time for the Khimri to score.

In the final kickoff, the Khemri Thro-Ra, Dogface had terrible luck even trying to pick up the ball, leading to a last second pickup and score by Slink for his second touchdown.

Final score: Quinzy Skramblerz 3, It's a Wrap 0

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