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Reservoir Crocs

gate: 37 000
2 TD score 2
cas score
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Mors's Clawpack


Senor Purple
Senor Purple
TD Scorers
cratch cragjaw
Crual Cragjaw
Foulers (no cas)

Mr. Blue
Badly Hurt'ers

Mr. Orange
Serious Injurers

Mr. Brown II
Completions By
Khueen Cragjaw Bounty (10000 gp)
Squeal fangsnapper
Interceptions By

Mr. Blue
MVP awards to
  Sustained Injuries  
Miss Next Game
Fresh Meat retired
Khrel Cragjaw
victim healed by apoth
Result added February 7th, 2018

Match notes
Where to begin with this game... with everything on the line, this match saw it all...

Clawpack showed up 19k deep to win fame and received the ball first... imediately taking the crocs out of their confort zone, as they had to try and cover as many gaps in the field instead of bash. Regardless, it didn't work.. the saurus were no match for the speed and agility of the clawpack as they quickly got up to a 1-0 lead after turn 2.

Now with the ball, the lizardmen began doing what they do... knock stuff down, they quickly got two players out of the game and looked to stall-out the half for a late 1st half TD that would tie it up. The plan was simple.. bash, score late, get ball 2nd half and rinse and repeat... but NOOOOO... here enter, gutter runner with horns... he quickly dodged around the cage and knocked MR. purple down and ball was in the air with 2 turns to go... there goes the plan for the crocs, everything turned bad.

The ball now laid flat on the pitch, and any movements were going to force dodge rolls to be made, or hard ball pick-ups due to tackle zones. The Clawpack coach was in perfect position to hold his lead in the first half, until a gutter runner's dodge to pin down a saurus went wrong twice and he fell flat on the ground.. this hole in the line, allowed the skinks to easily pick-up the ball and get the equalizer. The drama however, was just about to begin.

Lizardment get off to a good start in the second half.. get some knockdowns.. moved the ball into clawpack side of the pitch and caged up. The question now is... Score quick, all but ensure at least a tie, and then play defense... or try to burn as much clock as possible and get a late game score for the win. The crocs coach decided to placed their trust on the offense and ability to fend off the skaven as opposed to playing defense, and so, held their ground at the end of the end zone (check facebook for some hillarious photos of this cage)...

All was going well, the clawpack would break through a little, and then the saurus would push back again... all while dangerously at the edge of the pitch... what the crocs didn't account for, was Clawpacks rat ogre breaking free and using frenzy to plug up the one hole left on the field and then pushing a player into the sking carrying the ball.. forcing him off the field and a throwin. The throwin, couldn't have been more perfect for the clawpack.. it went from the side of the field, out of the endzone, for a second throwin that went 12 squares perfectly straight. Literally no crocs in sight aside from 2 gutter runners.

The crocs in the face of defeat any no other options but to run down the field as fast as possible, take as many "go for it rolls" as possible in order to force the gutterrunners to score instead of stalling, at this point the clawpack didn't have enough on the field to cage up and was down to just 5 players. So on turn 6, the clawpack safely walked into the endzone and didn't risk taking a hit from the bloodthristy skinks.

The spotlight was now on the crocs... 2 turns left, could they do it. they lined up heavy to the left side of the pitch.. with senor purple ready to go deep so the ball could get throw to him.. ensuring at least a shot at a turn 8 touchdown. And then.....the Clawpack kicked the ball as far right possible and it worked, it was nuts.. everything now had to be perfect, and simply handing the ball off to purple, was no longer an option. So things got weird..., first things first... senor purple moved down the field, the saurus caged up around him after knocking down all three lineman (after all senor purple is no good dead if left alone near the clawpack backfield) and then Senor Red went to pickup the ball... he fumbles and has to burn an ever so valuable reroll.. without a possible refill for the throw, senor red must continue on his path and succeeds the pickup on the next try. he moves two more spaces left in his movement... goes for it... goes for it... and then it's time to throw. -1 for pass... -1 for stunty.. he knows he doesn't stand a chance, but as long as he doesn't roll a 1 at least the ball will get near purple and the 3 surrounding saurues.

... Ball flights high in the air... and as you could have figured.. it's no where near senor purple.. first scatter goes perfectly into Mr Orange.. of course he missed his 6+ but in an unreal turn of lucky events.. it scatters right back to senor purple on the second scatter. even with the scattered pass modifier he picks up the ball and the turn ends... it was now all or nothing for the skaven, and there just simply wasn't enough players on the field.. 3 lineman were down from the kickoff, and so after a few clawpack players repositioned, the crocs quickly took turn 8 and went straight for the score and tied the ball game up at 2-2.

It was an insane roller coaster of emotions... the crocs could have won, then all but lost, then ultimately tied, which is likely what would have happened if they didn't try to stall the second half and had scored a quick turn 3 TD like they could have. It was BloodBowl at its finest.

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2nd Place

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