Reservoir Crocs

Race:  Lizardmen
Coach:  Carlos L
After a series of failed attempts at becoming professional thieves, this crew of misfits banded together to try and run a long con and steal the Boston Blood Bowl League Champion's cup.

Led by Coach Quentin, Doctor Buscemi, Assistant Coach Harvey and Head Cheerleader Uma, these pretenders have everyone fooled for now, but will they live long enough as Blood Bowl players to see it through?

Just in case, i would keep an extra set of goblin eyes on the back of your helmets before something comes-up missing.

Reservoir Crocs team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Nov. 20th, 2017 - old news
Unlikely Hero
In a quick turn of events, Coach Quentin has hired Journeyman Senor Gray and released Senor Green in an attempt to keep the Team Value as low as possible. We caught up with Coach Quentin for a few words.

"We simply couldn't deny the toughness and effort Senor gray displayed on the field last week. We threw a strength 2 loner skink on the line of scrimmage twice, pretty much left him to die in front of strength 5 mummies, and instead, he survived his beating and scored 2 TDs on top of it. That shows me a guy that wants a contract and wants to play for the crocs."

The crocs went ahead and signed the 6SPP senor gray skink and released Senor green who had yet to earn a single Star Player Point.
- Carlos L
Sep. 15th, 2017 - old news
Off Season moves
The Crocs were busy during this off-season and trimmed some fat, cutting Senor Green, Senor Black and replacing Mr. Brown. Coach Quentin sent a quick and swift message to his team by letting them know if they don't develop properly or get hurt, they are out.

Crowd Favorite, Senor Black will be missed, he was the first Skink in BBBL history to get a kill, he leaves the league with 5 TDs, 1 Casualty, 22 SPP and a Most Deadly award, however after Suffering a niggling injury against the Statesmen, he was never the same and became a casualty liability.

His Younger replacement Senor Black II, has had a great debut so far, scoring a TD in the pre-season game against the Krush and another in week 1 vs the meanskinz. He rolled doubles and picked up Block.. a move sure to make Coach Quentin happy.
- Carlos L
July 11th, 2017 - old news
RIP Mr. Brown
Doctor Buscemi failed his team for the second Casualty in a row. Shortly after Mr. Brown flatlined, the good doctor tried to revive him and instead severed his head clean-off.

Twice now Dr. Buscemi's had a chance to save the day and failed.... leaving many to wonder in crocs-nation if the 50k could have been better spent.
- Carlos L
May 31st, 2017 - old news
Staff and Healthcare
Welcome Doctor Buscemi. Coach Quentin isn't really sure if the doctor knows what he's doing, but the players have been crying about getting single-player healthcare. So there you have it. Doctor Buscemi arrived prepared at the facility with his saw and bandages so we'll see what happens.

Next up is Assistant Coach Harvey and Cheerleading Captain Uma... We'll see if their 10k cost pays dividends during the coming weeks.
- Carlos L
Tournaments played:
BBBL Season 1, Spike Cup I, BBBL Season 2, Spike Cup II
Trophies won:
Spike! Cup: Spike Cup II
1st place: BBBL Season 1
2nd place: Spike Cup I, BBBL Season 2
Top Offense: BBBL Season 1
Top Defense: BBBL Season 1
Deadliest Team: BBBL Season 2
The Originals: BBBL Season 1








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2nd Place

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