The [BBBL] is a Massachusetts based Table Top gaming community for the game Blood Bowl. We have several leagues running so join the one closest to you or join them all, all we ask is that you have fun and respect the other coaches.

If you have any questions about joining the league please email us at: admin@bostonbloodbowl.com. Single Coaches or Groups are all welcomed.

Come on down and play some Blood Bowl
Get out your dice and have a roll
Nuffle's a vengeful god, we know
No matter what, you never know how it'll go

Let the blood lust consume your soul
Performance enhancers take their toll
Whether you win
Whether you lose
Whatever plays that you may choose
All the fans want is Blood-

Down to the stadium we'll stroll
To watch the Elves and Orcs and Trolls
As they all scramble for the goal
While ripping each other and themselves all full of holes

So join us for every pass and throw
And every last bone breaking blow
Every kick, ev'ry touchdown
Violence and gore round after round
It's all right inside the Blood Bowl!

Sign-up for the BBBL Season 4

Season 3 of the BBBL is underway, if you're interested in playing, please emails us to reserve a spot in season 4.

If you are a new coach, or you are re-rolling a new team, please email me your team name/race as soon as possible, and draft your team once you are listed.

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Mar. 19th, 2018 - old news
BBBL S03 Off to a Fast Start
Thanks everyone for coordinating their BBBL Season 3, Week 1 matches so quickly and keeping things moving smoothly. Week 2 schedule is up, let's get them done. Gooluck everyone
- Carlos L
Mar. 16th, 2018 - old news
Spike Cup II Champions
WHen the dust Settled, the Reservoir Crocs got their first Ever Spike Cup Champion title. Defeating one of their toughest oppoents the Mor's Clawpack, bringers of lizardmen deaths.

They now share a Cup with their other rivals, Lower expectations. and with most of the veteran teams taking a season off to rest their players, we now looking forward to an exciting Season 3 of the BBBL fresh with new players, and old coaches leading new squads. Goodluck everyone
- Carlos L
Mar. 6th, 2018 - old news
Spike Cup II finals
Spike Cup II finals will be underway today at Alpha Omega, 6pm. Crocs vs Clawpack for 1st place match and Expectations vs Troubadours for 3rd place. See you there.
- Carlos L
Mar. 3rd, 2018 - old news
Spike Cup II Finals are set
The dust has barely settled and it's time for the final game. The Reservoir Crocs advance after a very tense game against the Troubadours to face Mors' Clawpack, who made one of the most feared teams in the league, lowered expectations, tap out early in an attempt to save some players. We got a good glimpse of what's to come between the crocs and clawpack in the last game of the season, so buckle-up, it's going to be a blood(bowl) bath.
- Carlos L
Feb. 19th, 2018 - old news
Spike cup II: semifinals
Semi-finals are set. #5 ranked claw pack visit #1 seed lowered expectations and #3 seed Troubadours at #2 seed the Reservoir Crocs
- Carlos L

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Spike Cup II Champs

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