The Boston Blood Bowl League [BBBL] is a Table Top gaming community playing out of: Alpha Omega Hobby.

If you have any questions about joining the league please email us at: admin@bostonbloodbowl.com. Single Coaches or Groups are all welcomed.

Come on down and play some Blood Bowl
Get out your dice and have a roll
Nuffle's a vengeful god, we know
No matter what, you never know how it'll go

Let the blood lust consume your soul
Performance enhancers take their toll
Whether you win
Whether you lose
Whatever plays that you may choose
All the fans want is Blood-

Down to the stadium we'll stroll
To watch the Elves and Orcs and Trolls
As they all scramble for the goal
While ripping each other and themselves all full of holes

So join us for every pass and throw
And every last bone breaking blow
Every kick, ev'ry touchdown
Violence and gore round after round
It's all right inside the Blood Bowl!

Sign-up for Season 2

With Inaugural Season of the Boston Blood Bowl League behind us, we'll take what we've learned, adopt a few rules from Death Zone 2, and kickoff our second season. Sign-up your team and keep an eye on the website for a kickoff date event.

If you are rolling a new team, please email me your team name/race as soon as possible, and draft your team once you are listed.

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Oct. 20th, 2017 - old news
Mid-Season Race
Great games played in week 3.. After the Crocs lost to Lower expectations in week 2, the Dwarven team was in clear control of the league, especially given their impressive track record winning the inaugural Spike Cup and taken 2nd place last season. But then the troubadours did what they do best - score, and score they did, outpacing Lowered expectations in a 3-2 shootout.

Now 4 teams share first place at 2-1 : Mor's Clawpack, Seagrave Troubadours, Lowered Expectations and the Reservoir Crocs... Week 4 is here, it's yours to take it!!
- Carlos L
Aug. 31st, 2017 - old news
Season 2 TNF kickoff
Season 2 kicks off today for Thursday Night Football, between the Veterans Troubadours and BBBL newcomers It's a wrap. Schedule is updated for week 1 with more to follow. All team and player awards have been given out.

The crocs got 80k for winning and 20k for best offense, Lowered expectations got 50k for second place, Mirkwood Got 30k for 3rd place and 20k for their Defense, lastly The Meanskins score 20k for the deadliest teams.

For the individual SPP awards, Turd, Celebran, break free, sunbeam, einstein, sort, beyonslay, eddie, grod, dan hale, mr brown, señor black, harass, slayride, and maurice all received 5spp. Some of those players are dead of have retired, but we still wanted to honor their awesomeness
- Carlos L
Aug. 14th, 2017 - old news
Season 1 Champions
The Reservoir Crocs are our Season 1 Champions after a hard fought battle with the Lowered Expectations.

All the players are getting their rest as they prepared for the season 2 kickoff.

In the next couple of days, all rosters will be updated. Teams that won trophies will get awared their treasury prizes and individual players their SPP.

Any MNGs will be cleared, so please get your team signed up for season 2 and updated. If you choose to draft a new team or want to re-roll a different race, please email me at: admin@bostonbloodbowl.com
- Carlos L
July 28th, 2017 - old news
Season 1 Blood Bowl Finals
After a grueling and punishing semi-finals round our teams are set. What's left of Lowered Expactations will Face the Reservoir Crocs for Season 1 BBBL champion.

And the crippled Mirkwood Marauders will take on the Nurgle's Gurglers with the 7 players they have left on the roster (big guy not included... treeman's been reduced to a stump)
- Carlos L
July 11th, 2017 - old news
The semis are set.

Crocs vs Marauders
Lowered Expectations vs Gurglers

here we go!
- Carlos L

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Season 1 Champions

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